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NOTICE: Effective 12/22 Kelly Driver Improvement will be closing and no longer offering classes or final exams. If you have taken the online program you must visit one of the final testing sites prior to 12/22 in order to receive your completion certificate.

Test Areas

Certificate fees ():

1. You must bring a government issued driver's license or photo identification. NO EXCEPTION - NO PHOTO ID - NO CERTIFICATE.
2. You are also required to bring the print-out of the "Congratulations" page at the end of the course or a print screen of your completed sessions page to the test area with you.
3. You must also bring your MVA notice/referral letter (letter of assignment).
4. Test Area personnel are only available at the posted times.
5. The listed Test Area locations do not have information on our time schedules. It is listed below.
6. You will be required to complete a written final exam. You can review or retake the course on-line for FREE until you pass. If you fail to receive a passing grade of 80% or better on the Driver Improvement final test, the MVA requires that you wait at least 24 hours before you will be allowed to re-take the test. This applies to BOTH classroom and Internet, and ALL schools. We will not collect your fee until you pass the test.
7. Payment - We accept .

Cancellation Policy: Our policy is not to cancel unless there is an extreme weather condition. In this situation, the cancellation will be posted immediately to the TEST AREAS link under the corresponding test location.

Be aware, only the Test Areas listed below have the Log-in/Log-out verification that proves you completed your on-line program. No other driving school has access to your information.

IMPORTANT - If your schedule does not allow you to complete the final exam at a designated "test area", do not take this on-line clinic.